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e-Commerce is here to stay

It is hardly a secret that e-commerce has been booming year after year around the globe. Having a platform for selling your goods online is vital for anyone who wants to reach a wider audience.

Summary of the 2020

2020 was difficult, instructive, challenging, but also gave us a lot of positive to move forward.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating

Pantone Color Institute has named not one but two colors of the year: Ultimate Gray & Illuminating bright yellow.

Famous logos: Part VIII - Coca-Cola

The product, which came out of a need to relieve morphine addiction, is commonly known as Coca-Cola – this is the J.S. Pemberton story

Collage: Zodiac Signs

I have always enjoyed being creative. One of my biggest hobbies over the past few years has been creating illustrations and collages. Very enjoyable meditative activity. 

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