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X stands for a decade of Sviiter – yes, we’ve been around for ten years! Let’s look at the past year and thank those who helped us get here.
First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has been with us for the past ten years and believed in our solutions. Those, who have preferred our modus operandi and work ethics. Those, who have come back to us again and again.

We continue this annual celebratory blog post as a series that started last year with ‘A year to put a twinkle in your eye’.

So what happened this year?

Most of our time was spent on creating new web solutions, even more than we had expected. The biggest one being the new Radis Furniture website ( that uses the newest e-store solution available on Voog.

We would like to give the prize of the most beautiful corporate page to the Law Office Turnstone, (, whose page is now perfectly correct and courteous.

We were quite sporty, too. FC Elva (, one of the most prominent football clubs of southern Estonia has now a new interactive online home. The new page lets you see the results and live broadcasts, and features info of the club and its players. It also features the live-engine of, and fetches team info and calendars from the Sportlyzer service.

We would like to give our special thanks to Toivo for trusting us with renewing the “Gift of Life” cancer treatment foundation website ( This is definitely one of the most frequently visited websites we have ever created. We are glad to see that so many people care about helping others and we have a small part in that. We created the new visuals, simplified the creation of campaign websites, and streamlined the donation system – you can now help the foundation via bank links or the mobile donation service.

Last year, we created the website for Randvere School. This year it was the turn of Raasiku School, who got a new and fresh-looking website (, new personnel photos and a set of drone images introducing the school. We hope many more schools in Estonia come to have such websites.

We also did a miniweb for a local print shop Printwise. The new site is simple and uses CMYK tones, suitable for both our and their portfolio.

One of our most long-term clients, the Estonian Theatre association received a refresh on their website ( In fact, we created the first site for them already eight years ago!

In branding, we gave a new look to the logos and CVIs of Radis, the Estonian Badminton Association, and Finlaid, and a completely new visual identity to Karloova.

Our most prominent publication of the year continues to be the Inbank annual and quarterly reports series. This year, we also designed the E-Governance Academy’s ‘Introduction to e-Government’, and the ‘Situation Review: Safety and Security of Cyberspace and E-Democracy in Eastern Partnership Countries’ by the Cyber Security Index project. In August, we helped publish the Estonian Internet Foundation Yearbook, and October saw the Visit Saaremaa Strategy Paper.

We also got our foot back into the movie business where we helped to create the visuals for the currently running Estonian film The End of the Chain. The last time we did something like that was in 2009, when we helped make the short film Krantsid / Strays.

In event marketing, this year was the second time running that we helped along the ERNA Hike run by the Estonian Scout Association. In addition, we created the visuals for the Estonian Internet Day, run by the Estonian Internet Foundation.

We also launched two new services. Our latest member Karl is focused on content and will always look for the best way to connect the service, idea, message and visuals in the best ways possible. Be sure to read his article ‘Why do we need content?’. On a more technical level, ever since July our clients can turn to us for the maintenance of their Wordpress sites – we will take care of all updating and security issues. 

And from here? From here we go on to see year 11 – we are eager to see what the year brings and hope we have something great to write about in another year’s time!

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Erkki is founder and AD, who has been with Sviiter since its first steps. Erkki is with economy degree but with great passion for art & design. He has been a mentor in Ajujaht, manager of Innovation Year and helped to build Education Innovation Centre in Tallinn University.