We are located in Tatari 64, 4th floor 10134 Tallinn, Estonia. Step by or send an e-mail to

Erkki Pung

Founder and AD, who has been with Sviiter since its first steps. Erkki is with economy degree but with great passion for art & design. He has been a mentor in Ajujaht, manager of Innovation Year and helped to build Education Innovation Centre in Tallinn University.

T +372.5535.255

Gerit Tiirik

Designer. With great skills with web solutions and visual identity, Gerit has learn design in Denmark and in Spain.

T +372.5380.4160

Indrek Kõnnusaar

Development partner (BE) Indrek is developer with wide scale skills, starting with project management, system analysis to testing and cyber security. In Sviiter, he mainly works with Wordpress.


Mats-Joonas Kulla

Development partner (FE), MJ likes to deal with issues, which has not been solved and world of wide web gives those opportunities with every step of the day.


Kristjan Madalvee

Kristjan is photographer with sharp eye and hard core commitment. His pictures has been on many covers and exhibitions (for example National Geographic).